The current board members of the Bluffton Street Fair Association:

* Means that person is a Director
Erica Lehman *PresidentChairman-Corporate Sponsors
Heather Morgan*SecretaryChairman-GrandMarshal
Chris Gerber*Vice PresidentChairman-Concessions
Casey Robbins*Treasurer
Colin Andrews*
Andrea Mann*Chairman-Kid's Day
Tammy Schisler*Chairman-Parades
Ed Ferguson*Chairman-Antique Car Parade/Show
Roy Johnson *
Rick Elwell*Co-Chair Entertainment-Idol
Tim Simpson*Co-Chair Industrial Tent
Rina Stuck *
Andy Ellis *Co-Chair Industrial Tent
Geoff Gilbert*Co-Chair Concert Entertainment
George Moore*
Lora Frees*Chairman- Acts/shows Entertainment
Jessica Ellenberger DubbeldChairman-Horse Pull
Rich MontgomeryChairman-Pony Pull
Nathan L StaufferFair Manager
Katie StaufferOffice Manager
Anita MullenChairman-Jeep Parade
Blake FiechterCo-Chairman-Kids Day
Don CraigFire ChiefCo-Chairman-Safety
Kyle RandallPolicy ChiefCo-Chairman - Safety