Board Members

The current board members of the Bluffton Street Fair Association:

* Means that person is a Director  
George Moore *President
Melanie Durr *SecretaryChairman-Parades
Dean "Chip" Topp*Treasurer
Ted Ellis *Vice President - City
Sue Campbell*Vice President - CountyChairman-Horse & Pony Show
Kenneth EllenbergerChairman - Horse Pull
Ron Breedlove *Chairman-Antique Car Parade
Roy Johnson *
Janet DeWitt *
Tim Simpson*
Keith Frauhiger *
John Gerber *Chairman-Tent
Geoff GilbertCo-Chair Entertainment
Shannon Krider*Chairman-Advertising
Rhonda Ryan *Chairman-Publicity
Rick Elwell *Co-Chairman-Entertainment
Heather Morgan*Co-Entertainment/Choral
Mike DowneyFair Manager
Trudy MurrayOffice Manager
Tammy MullenAsst. Office Mgr.
Dayle Mentzer*Co-Chairman IDOL contest
Bill HoranChairman - Agricultural
Carol MeeksChairman - Fine Arts & Crafts
Don CraigFire ChiefCo-Chairman - Safety
Nathan HussCo-Chairman - Safety
Helen WitteChairman - Flower Show
Andrea Mann*Chairman - Kids Day
Erica Lehman*Chairman - Corporate Sponsors